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Not All Mining Tires in Auburn Are Equal

Mining The mining industry never stops. The job site is always running. Are your mining tires performing their best? Browse Bridgestone and Firestone mining tires in Auburn. GCR Tires & Service store offers both bias and radial tires so that you get good mining tire composition, tread, size, and design for your application. We can support rigid dumpers and large loaders with the correct OTR tires for surface mining, and underground machines with the ideal tire for underground work. Our tire selection is hand-picked only to include products that can withstand the demands of a mine. The tire pros at GCR Tires know how tires perform in different environments and can guide you in selecting great mining tires based on your job site soil composition, the average weight of every load, and the depth at which the equipment will be used. Just call!

For More Support, Consider Mining Tire Management in Auburn

Mining trucks go through tires quickly, making routine mining truck wheel maintenance extremely important. That's why we also offer mining tire solutions in Auburn, on top of selling tires. We help you protect and maintain your mining tire investment with everything from retreads to smart MSHA-certified service and on-site problem-solving. Proper mining tire maintenance is essential for preserving job site safety. Plus, calculated care and in-the-moment reporting can help you avoid common mining tire problems caused by [content-text-2-10] can help prevent everyday mining tire problems caused by corrosion, heavy loads, and heat.

Our mining tire services in Auburn include wheel replacement and refurbishment, hoses, tire poly-fill, conveyor belts, and Bel-Ray lubricants. For the long-term study of mining tire operations, we offer B-TAG™, TPMS PressureStat™, and TreadStat™ Systems— each of which can facilitate a more efficient work environment with data on tire temperature status, and pressure. You can trust our network of GCR mining specific locations and commercial tire stores to help your equipment keep functioning at its best, above ground or below.

Call GCR for Mining Tire Solutions in Auburn

No matter how specialized your operation may be, GCR can help support you with the appropriate mining tire services. GCR team members are certified by the Tire Industry Association and approved to work on mine sites across the U.S. Reach out to GCR Tires near you to learn more our inventory of about industrial tires in Auburn. We can help you dig yourself out of problems and make mine production shine!

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