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Trucking Need reliable, but cheap semi-truck tires in Salina? Just ask GCR Tires & Service. We have the equipment and expertise to fit every truck and trailer wheel position. Drive tires, steer tires, trailer tires— whatever the position, our team will help you select the best tires for commercial trucks. Your local GCR Tires is always close by with the right commercial truck tires for the load, condition, and distance. When your job demands more, we deliver more.

Maintain Tire Life with Truck Tire Repair & Service

Even the best semi-truck tires need help every now and then. That's where your local GCR Tires & Service store comes in! We help all types of commercial fleet tires operate at their best through proactive service, repair, and monitoring. The commercial air pressure management program is one of our most sought-after commercial tire services in Salina. Proactive tire pressure maintenance is a top way to extend tire life, reduce annual tire costs, and increase fleet safety. It can also help you prevent budget-busting tire problems that could require wheel reconditioning, tire rebalancing, or tire replacement. And when it's time for new commercial tires, you can count on our service trucks in the U.S. and Canada to hand-deliver everything you need. Our technicians will show up with the tools and expertise necessary to install your tires and keep your truck truckin'! Contact GCR when you want a truck service shop in Salina you can trust!

Call Emergency Roadside Service When Things Go Wrong

Trucking is full of ups and downs. Mile after mile can turn a tiny problem into a roadblock. Call GCR's 24-Hour Truck Road Service in Salina when the unexpected happens. Our roadside assistance program is for class 3-8 vehicles with commercial accounts and includes 24/7 tire repair and replacement. Your profitability depends on finishing the job on time, every time. Proactive tire maintenance and prompt roadside assistance can support your profitability. Contact GCR Tires & Service in Salina for routine commercial truck maintenance or out-of-the-blue repairs. Your time is money. We take both seriously!


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